The Fountainhead, by Anne Rand

a book review by

People who read this book tend to be very passionate about it. They love it or they hate it. At University in Paris I got an A-, one of my best grades ever, on a paper about this book. I was passionate about it. But then I drank too much and forgot the plot. Now all I remember is that Ayn Rand can make a conservative out of a hippy.

If you are small minded and depressed, this book can make you stalwart and self-righteous. But with copious drink you may stew and eventually mellow into an agreeable mix of stoned and slothy industrialist. 

Also, people who never read Ayn Rand are considered uneducated by the Jewish intellectual elite. So read it. 

Love or hate her ideas ( I still can't decide which!) Ayn Rand's Fountainhead is still an inspirational and fantastic book.