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Featuring the creative works of McCutcheon and Sloth

Burnt Roof of Mouth, a novel by McCutcheon

  • "Very readable in the genre of the beat generation greats. Mccutcheon's protagonist is very likeable in spite of, or perhaps because of, his fixation on alcohol, drugs, sex and his proclivity to being beat up." - review (*****)

The Pax Acidus T-Shirt

Sex Drugs and Rock'n'Roll
Never Goes Out of Style

  • "Remember that time you had a brilliant time and you told me all about it, and in the telling, it didn't seem all that great? Well, that's because you're not Mr McCutcheon." - Tommy Martin (RIP)

The Ultimate Space Hit:
Book 1 of the Planet of the Ravers trilogy

  • "Like a cross between a porno mag, the voice in my head, and reality." -Phillip D

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