Soon to Be a Major Motion Picture, by Abbie Hoffman

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Abbie Hoffman was a 60's revolutionary. A man only Forrest Gump could hate. A man who knew the true face of tragedy. Why tragedy? Well for starters, just try to track down a copy of this book. It's not even in print. Why? Because it's dangerous. Abbie can make a revolutionary out of a choir boy. 

I first became interested in Abbie while reading about the famous Chicago Seven Conspiracy trial as a teen. Abbie was a Jewish revolutionary with an afro. He was constantly tailed and beat up by the Feds. He raved about hash oil and cocaine. What's not to like about him? He even has a seat on the Pax Acidus Bus.

This book sits atop the highest ranks of the 'autobiography' genre. Dig around the used book stores for this one. They have (had) it at

News Flash! 
This book is now widely available under its new title: The Autobiography of Abbie Hoffman.