Mr. Nice, by Howard Marks

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International drug smugglers were never known for being nice guys. Except for Howard Marks. Marks is an Oxford graduate, lover of life, marijuana, alcohol, and beautiful women. In the 1970's and 1980's, this one man "Marks Cartel" managed to move tons of marijuana and hashish around the world as well as millions of dollars into his bank accounts.

In 1989, he was busted by the DEA, extradited from Spain to Florida, and then served seven years of a 25 year sentence in Terre Haute for international drug smuggling. 

So why do we care? Because Marks is out now to spread fun, joy, and his own beautiful breed of morality everywhere he goes. Kind of like the exact opposite of the DEA. Marks is a modern day Jesus who went to prison for our reefer habits. Its all in this book, baby. I suggest you start reading it today!