The Cruise

Hello. My name is Mariposa Concepcion Delgado. I am a 17 year old resident of Bilbao, Spain. For a few months last year I was dating an American boy named Joey Romanzi. He looked Italian. He was rich. He drove a red Ferrari. Of course it was his father's car. But still — I was in love.

 My family did not know what to make of it. I had fallen in love with an American. Sometimes there was the air of a scandal. Out of the whole family, only Joey's father spoke proper Spanish. Mr. Romanzi was an architect overseeing construction on the new convention center downtown. It was a grand project.

 I first met Joey last Easter while skiing in the Alps. I complimented him on his car, as he drove it into the parking lot. He complimented me on my English, which I learned in school. That night Joey took me down the mountain into town for drinks. We laughed and talked all night. He  kissed me tenderly before retiring to bed. I was hot for him because Americans excited me. His body was muscular and lean. His family, however, was fatter than most people I have seen before. And their table manners were atrocious. I mentioned it, but Joey laughed and assured me that this was normal. 

 We had sex the next morning after breakfast. Joey was not the best in bed; he fumbled around and did not properly employ the foreplay. But his passion was honest and I loved him anyway. Sometimes he was too passionate for his own good and would shoot off way before he should have.

 I am young but still I have had other lovers. My first was my cousin Olmo from Madrid when I was 15. We were friends as long as I can remember, so doing it was easy and natural. The relationship lasted until he got a proper girlfriend a year later. I cried when I found out. I know we were cousins but it still felt like a betrayal.

 My second lover was my first real boyfriend, Luis. We met at a discotheque when I was 16 . We took pills and made out without stopping until 6AM. Then he took me home and fucked me all morning. He wouldn't take no for an answer. I had to tell my parents I slept at my friend Alameda's house.

 Luis loved to dance and do illegal drugs, which I liked, until I rationalized that he was 32, unemployed, and had no future. I broke up with him and he cried. He loved to lick my pussy, something I couldn't get Joey to do at all. I guess he was still too young. He never complained when I sucked his penis though. In fact he groaned with pleasure like a bear.

 Joey and I dated for seven months before Mr. Romanzi invited me to spend the holidays with them in New York City. I was so happy to finally go to America! The Romanzi's were going on a cruise. My parents didn't want me to go at first, but they finally consented  — maybe because the Romanzi's were rich and respectable, even if they were so fat and American. 

 The Romanzi's resided in Manhattan. It is a much larger city than Madrid, which I had previously thought to be quite the metropolis. I remember thinking, the Americans have really done something over there. It felt like the edge of the world though. The Romanzi's lifestyle was eating junk food, watching television, and talking about skyscrapers. They lived in an apartment on the Upper West Side overlooking Central Park. The view as so imposing it made me dizzy.

 We traveled to Fort Lauderdale the next morning. No more tall buildings! We took a cab out to the harbor. And there it was! The cruise ship was called the Millenium X and it was the biggest and dumbest looking boat I had ever seen. A huge plastic floating hotel city. The Americans ate like 10 times per day on that boat. I didn't quite understand at first. Clearly. they expected me to stuff myself. It was uncomfortable to be in my own skin. The room Joey and I shared was very small but we had our own bathroom and balcony with large wooden lounge chairs. I would sit there and read Vogue while Joey smoked cigarettes and stared out into the endless blue ocean. 

 At worst I felt a little seasick. At best I felt like the girl from the Titanic, Kate Winslet, who fell in love with Leonardo diCaprio. Joey was no Leonardo diCaprio, but I think I am definitely prettier than that fat bitch in the movie. When Leonardo fell in the icy water he should have sliced her belly open with a lightsaber and climbed inside to keep warm like Han Solo did with the tauntaun in The Empire Strikes Back. You know  — on the planet Hoth. Yes. So what.  I love Star Wars — even though I am a girl. Luke Skywalker is not my type but that Han Solo is so hot. Wow. 

 On Christmas morning Joey and I exchanged presents in front of the family. I gave him a bottle of Dolce & Gabbana perfume. I was hoping he could use it instead of his stinky American Old Spice. When we got back to our cabin I gave Joey his real present, a blow job and a copy of the Kama Sutra. He gave me a box of expensive chocolates. I quietly flushed them down the toilet one by one. Can you imagine? Giving a young girl food on a cruise where there is already so much to eat! What did he want, for me to be as fat as his mama?

 Joey was not a picky eater, but he especially loved seafood. He ate for every single meal shellfish and salmon. He said it made him a better lover. I don't know if it was the Kama Sutra or the shellfish but something was working. After dinner the next night, he made me cum three times in one hour which was a record for him. I felt like it was a turning point in our relationship. Was I falling in love?

 On the third day we docked in Nassau. At a restaurant Joey ate oysters against the advice of even the waiter and got really sick. He had a fever and even threw up blood. Joey felt so bad he wouldn't even let me please him orally. Finally, the doctor moved him into the infirmary where he spent the whole next day. That's when all the bad stuff started happening.

 I guess all the girls in bikinis and the warm weather started to affect Mr. Romanzi, because later that same day when I returned to my room he was inside it in his bathrobe with a bottle of champagne in his hands and a weirdly optimistic smile on his face. Apparently he had just popped in to see how I was doing. Then he asked me to join him for a drink. Not wanting to appear rude, I accepted the offer and drank two glasses with him. He told me it was a shame that a nice girl like me was wasted on such an inexperienced boy like Joey who doesn't even know not to eat oysters in the Bahamas.

I put my finger to my temple and twisted in perhaps a little too stereotypically cute way like I'd seen the girls on American TV do and said the magic word, "Duh?" As soon as I made this casual idiom, Mr. Romanzi suddenly, apropos of nothing, pulled out his penis and motioned me somewhat longingly to suck it. He looked so weird, like a hairy Italian Buddha. I missed the sex from Joey and figured that being a naughty girl was okay because after all it was Mr. Romanzi who paid for the whole cruise. And he was also so old, and horny with a fat, ugly wife. Why not make his Christmas a truly merry one? So then feeling naughty, and quite honestly a little slutty, I bent down on my knees and started to suck his little daddy dick. It tasted a bit old and bad so I took another sip of champagne. Much better after that. Maybe it was the tiny bubbles, but Mr. Romanzi's deflated dick started inflating to full size. Finally I too got excited. I cupped his balls and he moaned just like Joey. When I really got into it, you know, back and forth, in and out, slobbering a little on the floor.... that's when Joey walked in and screamed!

 No one else in the family suspected anything at dinner because they believed Joey was still recovering in the infirmary. After dinner, Mr. Romanzi and I frantically searched for Joey for the rest of the night. It was no use. He was nowhere to be found. Later that evening Mrs. Romanzi found out that Joey had already checked himself out of the infirmary and then started to get worried. Nobody knew what was happening. The search continued. At midnight the Romanzis' retired to bed after hitting the final buffet.  How could they eat at a time like this? After they went to bed I stayed up crying because I felt responsible for the whole incident. I needed to find Joey and apologize for sucking his father's penis.

Just after 1:30 AM, I finally found Joey. He was at the very front end of the ship — in the 'CREW ONLY' section — which was clearly marked off limits. He was cinematically posing with arms held high, standing on the railing just like Leonardo diCaprio. But he didn't look nearly as sexy as Leo,  because the Millenium X was mostly plastic and round at the front instead of metal and pointed like the Titanic.

 I called his name loudly with relief. "Joey!" Surprised, he turned around to look at me. I saw  clear sign of anger, confusion, and disappointment on his face. I reached out to him, but he jerked his hand away and then — quite unexpectedly —  twisted his knee on the railing and plunged headfirst over the railing and into the dark blue water below. He didn't scream and I didn't hear a splash. But I screamed loud enough for both of us. Terrified and hysterical, I ran to the back of the boat. I was still hoping he would be okay. He wasn't. I saw a smooth trail of purple water flowing behind the cruise ship and out to sea. Or maybe I just imagined it. I didn't know what to do. I was in shock I guess from the guilt and the horror.

So almost in a trance I stumbled to a bar on the upper deck to get a drink. I needed one badly. The bartender reminded me a bit of Mel Gibson from The Road Warrior. Only he was shorter and more Mexican looking. I had another drink or two and then lost track of the time. I waited for the bar to close and then flashed my best smile at the bartender.  He got the hint immediately. Back in our room he proceeded to fuck me silly for 45 minutes before excusing himself to take a quick shower and retire back to his cabin. I thought Mexicans might have small dicks but I can assure you they don't. Before I went to sleep I decided to visit the Purser's desk and report Joey missing. But the office was closed so I just went to back to bed. I was so tired and well fucked, I couldn't do anything else. 

The next morning at breakfast it suddenly hit me that Joey was really gone, really dead. I cried and his family just assumed he was still alive but missing. They were kind of more angry at him than worried or sad. Afterwards we went back to the front desk and reported him missing.  

I played dumb and just repeated what the others said. Of course I didn't mention Joey falling or the purple trail of blood I may have seen. After all, it was dark and that would raise too many questions I didn't really want to answer at the time.  I guess I was kind of in shock. So I waved my hand like I was doing a Jedi mind trick,  and said, "This is not the senorita are looking for" and went back to bed.

But now the story is over.  I am not really a Jedi. I am just a naughty girl who's boyfriend is now dead.  So I was not surprised when I was awoken at 11:00 the next morning by a loud knock at the door. I crawled out of bed and looked through the peephole. It was the police. They didn't ask me any questions. They just immediately put me under arrest and demanded I produce a written statement — immediately. What a pain! 

So here it is, done, my sworn statement. 100% true with all the gory details. I hate writing papers. Especially hungover, grieving, and on vacation. Suddenly I miss Spain. The Bahamas was kind of awful for me. I can't seem to do anything right here.  So can I go home now?

The end.