Messy Swingers

"Oh Lord, from Heaven to Hell."

My girlfriend moans and rolls over away from me. Alex is feeling the first exploding pain of hangover. Last night was wild. We took ecstasy, snorted many lines of cocaine and washed it all down in a sea of champagne and whiskey.

Now it's the day after. Our first night as a swinging couple is complete. Not that we were ready for it. On an impulse we followed the playful couple home from the bar. They were attractive and friendly. It was more than that. Alex and I had discussed this sort of thing before. But I never thought it would actually be played out. I don’t know what brought us here, except for a shared strong sexual curiosity.

I put my arm around Alex. Gently kiss the back of her neck. I cup a breast in my hand. Rub the tip of her nipple with my fingers. I feel more than physically close to her. It’s like giving her away has brought us back together. I love her more than ever.

"Fuck off, I’m trying to sleep," she says. "I don’t want to be alive."

She was never a morning person. I pull my arm away. I have a stiff erection but my hope of lovemaking is rejected. I wish Alex would let me inside her. I have a great need to put my cock somewhere.

Last night was intense. Mixed with all the drugs and booze the experience went better than imagined. Dick and Linda made us feel very comfortable. They also got us high. It started off passionate and sensual. The ecstasy turned our bodies into intensified erogenous zones. As the ecstasy worn off we started on the coke. Dick and I swapped partners. I took Linda doggy style and watched Alex suck Dick off.

The best moment came later when it was just Alex. We had the smell of sweat and previous sex on our skins, our bodies charged from druggy cocktails. We fucked hard and raw, stomachs slapping against each other. We both collapsed from the force of orgasm.

Now I want to slip inside her from behind and slowly let myself linger in her warm pussy. It’s a great place to be. I run my tongue down her back.

"Please," I lightly beg.

"No fucking chance. I’m sleeping. Jack off if you want but don’t get it on me. I would think you had enough last night." Alex bundles herself into a ball and puts the pillow over her head. I did have enough last night. Today it is feeding my appetite.

I try to make myself comfortable but it’s not easy. I masturbate and wipe the ejaculate on the sheet. We are in Dick and Linda’s living room, lying on the futon couch converted into a bed. I look at their bedroom door. It’s shut. No noise is coming from behind the walls. A few hours ago we were very intimate. Now I don’t even know them. Slowly getting sober I feel a little shame. Alex and I are in a strange house. I want to leave before they wake up.

I stand up naked and don’t bother to put clothes on. I couldn’t find my pants anyway. Trying to be as quiet as possible I stumble to the bathroom. Splash cold water on my face. In the cabinet I find some Advil. I pop five into my mouth and walk to the kitchen. I open the refrigerator door. The cool air washes over me. I crack a can of Sprite. Gulp down the cold crisp sweet carbonation along with the pain pills.

I grab a can for Alex and walk back to bed. Then I hear screaming coming from the bedroom. Linda is in a fit of hysterics. She comes running out of the bedroom naked and covered in what appears to be chocolate sauce. As she dashes past me and into the bathroom I realize it’s not chocolate sauce but runny shit. Her naked body is splattered with diarrhea.

Linda locks herself in the bathroom. I hear the shower running and her continued sobs. Dick runs out in a panic. He bangs on the locked door.

"Honey, let me in!"

"Go away! I’m so disgusted."

"It wasn’t me."

"It sure in the hell was you! I traced it."

I hurry down the hallway and wake Alex up. She swears at me again. I grab her and whisper the situation into her ear. But it’s Dick’s continued banging on the bathroom door that reassures her we should leave. I gather enough random clothes to make us decent. We rush to the car. I start driving. Alex puts on sunglasses and opens the can of Sprite.

"Last night was fun," I say.


I don’t think we will be swinging again anytime soon. Alex takes a big swallow of soda and turns the radio up. She looks straight ahead. I drive in silence.