The Green Album by Belle & Sebastian

Early morning Julia and I wake up
It’s the beginning of another day
The apartment window is open
Over the back alley the noise starts
City sounds seep into our lives
The men in the overhauls have arrived again
Loud clang of garbage cans
The smash of a thousand empty glass bottles
Recycled from the old run down gay bar
A cop siren wails down the block
Someone is in trouble already

Julia and I lay in bed freshly awake and overly excited
Making love to the song “The Boy with the Arab Strap”
We enjoy our Belle & Sebastian
We have every album, and e.p. collection
Scottish pop music makes the world sound better
Then a faint hiss escapes Julia’s lips
As she comes to a major climax
I moan and we collapse hyperventilated
A few more songs until the album is over
We hug and cuddle and listen to the last few tunes
I kiss her on her forehead
She smiles back at me in her way