Sun Rise

After doing nothing all day
And when I’ve been up all night
I look outside
Before the sun rise
At the grey-blue skies
The drugs are in me
They give the appearance of something mystical
A chemical connection to nature
Time captured before the waking new day
And the death of night
And sometimes I’ll go to my spot
And wait…
Wait for the sun rise
And I’ll see the water of the lake
And the mountains in the background
Looming large luminous wallpaper
The Swiss of the States
I was once told by an American,
Only of course it’s not
Just wishful thinking
But I’m on that spot looking
And I know it could be worse
And I know it has been better
And I haven’t slept
And the drugs are wearing off
And in comes that sinking feeling
And all I can do is wait…
For the sun rise.