the rain in Spain
falls mostly in Seattle
it's raining
it's pouring
the old man is snoring
save it for a rainy day
she said
no salt in God�s tears
rain rain
go away
please come back
some other day

part two:

she is sad
but likes the rain
to be out in it
her play time

it's been raining for days
and will
for days to come
a million little droplets
pounding the earth

the youth
sit inside
watch the rain drops
hit the window pane
still mesmerized by it's plight

sheets of mist
wet blankets
fill the sky
lights of grey
walls of watered
down loneliness

and still it rains
and it rains and rains

i hate umbrellas
and rubber boots and rain coats
anything that keeps the rain away
from washing the pain

she sheds tears
but likes the rain
a girl who likes the rain
knows it's okay to be sad

and it rains