Pony Express

i meet you on line
in one of those band chats
about belle & sebastian
we talked of stuart and karn

we shared the same music taste
that was important to us
our lives were on the same wave length
separated by landscapes

we soon found out
how much more we had in common
the same food and feelings
we were perfect for each other

we joked about being other people
i said i was fat
you said you were ugly
we sent pictures to prove we weren’t

this went on for a year
until we couldn’t take it anymore
you came to visit
the best twenty-four hours of my life

after that i was taken
thought of no one else but you
asked you to come live with me
complete everything inside of my being

you said you would come
i waited with anticipation
your arrival was perfect
i introduced you to my world

it took about a week at least
for you to meet my other closest friend
tess from down the hall
i had told you all about

now i don’t e mail anyone
or even talk to you
despite the fact you live next door
with tess who i also don’t see anymore