New York Cool

I’m a natural with New York cool
I was born to do it
A beautiful talented baby
The love child of Steve McQueen & Sharon Tate

My Godfather was Andy Warhol
He took me to his Factory
At an early age
I was weaned on Transvestites
Surrounded by Campbell’s soup can prints
While still in diapers

Jim Carroll was my hipster older uncle
He showed me the seedier side of life
How to shoot hoops and shoot junk
And the tattoos that are found
On painted ladies inner thighs

Lou Reed and The Velvet Underground
Played my Bar Mitzvah
Nico gave me a French kiss
Moe Tucker made me peanut butter and jelly
With the crusts cut off
Before she departed to a Midwest Wal-Mart

Twiggy used to baby-sit for me naked
Late at night when the lights went down
John Lennon, Lester Bangs, and Jack Kerouac
Would all stop by for a visit
Inquiring about a cord change or a word phrasing
I told them what I thought
Though couldn’t keep them alive