Lust & Love

Ignorant bliss of young lust

is so much more alive than the death of mature heartbreak,

divorce and adultery

Lust is the fleeting passion before pain

The Romeo and Juliet suicide pact

happiness survives when there is no future

For it is the sex-

the drunken high,

no appetite hunger for flesh,

wet tongue over erect nipple,

the taunt thigh muscle of orgasm,

-That keeps us from crying

so lust before dying

Once she was young

someday she will be dead

now she gives me head

I lust her for that

She will never be old

her green eyes will shine

Love is not wise and I am not wise

only a fool will dare not to be foolish

it keeps us alive

love before dying

What is love?

It is the emotional pleasure she gives-

the talks between the fucks,


attention in movie theaters,

-I love her for that

She is the reason I breath air