Kiss on the Bottom

Around this way it has been lazy days when not running in the rain 
you have soaked through your navy corduroys 
strangled bangs hang wet over your forehead 
and you love that person who blew kisses on your bottom 
you think about the past over a cup of tea and falling leaves 
baby blue eyes cry with the sadness of cracked window panes 
with soul pains coming out of dirty clothes hampers 
so you get out and make your way with haste 
but the bicycle with a flat tire stumbles over the pebbles 
on the gravel road that takes you away from people and ends at the cliff 
this would be okay if you weren’t so lonely to begin with 
at least your are out of the bedroom with the pictures you want to make real 
that one bottom blown kiss feels like the only pleasure you will ever have 
there is no way to go back in time to free your mind 
when it was actually happening in a way out of your control 
the bike goes unsteady and slow even downhill 
at the cliff over the sea you sneeze in the breeze and wipe it on your sleeve 
the rain starts again and the tire is flat and the stony road is now uphill 
so you stand staring at the sea very still and all alone 
wishing for another kiss on your bottom 
and you wonder who will get it in the end