I Knew This Beautiful Girl

I knew this beautiful girl
I met her in a bar
she was so very hot

I overcame my moment
of awkwardness
and told her a joke
she laughed, I smiled
she liked me
and I sure liked her
you know how it goes
It was fast and furious
everything happening too soon
we slept together that first night

told our secrets the next
All before I ever saw her eat
We spent everyday together
at night even closer
she was a sex kitten
between the sheets

This girl was so fine
my friends were jealous
I loved that
it was a privilege
to fuck psychical perfection
and her personality was nice enough
or so I thought

But then I learned
how she could be mean
she yelled at waitresses
swore at the mail man
nobody met her guidelines for success
everyone around her was incompetent

She was nasty with others
and it wasn’t long
before she turned on me
but I was so horny
I put up with it for the sex
her tits and ass

We would fight and fuck
and fuck and fight
She would curse me out
then suck me off
spit her displeasure
then swallow my come

Then one day
I was burned out
I couldn’t keep it up
not even for the blow jobs
yes it had become that bad

I knew this beautiful girl
I don’t know her anymore
another life lesson learned
how boring