What’s this girl look like?

You want more?
Oh yes please

Bright wide eyes
golden blonde sunshine fine
form lined this wonderful find
long legs and also arms
limbs elegant with their charms
so much ambition,
ready to lose inhibition
ready, ready, fresh
breasts heave
ripe and firm
the mind -
so ready to let go
swallowed in a gulp

hand squeezed orange juice fresh
giggles of sweet innocence
blushing fresh

what this girl wearing?

tennis shoes laundry washed
red work shirt meatball splashed
flared jeans over round lickable ass

and her flesh that touches fabric?

Oh yes fresh
so delicate I want to hug and kiss
foot rub and hand massage
the baby oil slip and slide

maybe clothes of an onion
but skin peeled with caress
I want us naked in the cooler
not frigid but fucking hot grill sweat

I kiss her with the
cigarette un-inhaled
a smile she gives me
a wink behind the blonde
holding my hand

‘Ya know’
‘Ya know’

when did my emotions
become a pop song
based on a Russian author
writing in English
I’m lost
no hiding that
but shit the excitement

Car chases
kisses on film
Champagne down by the river
this is the sexy stuff
dreams are made of

‘Ya know’
'Ya know’
‘do ya’
‘all righty’

I don’t think you do
it breaks my heart
you little tease
but damn,
you are fresh