Druggy Slutty Girls

I like girls 
who kiss me 
I'm not too picky 
but what's my type, 
what do I like?

Not the girl next door 
the fashion victim whore, 
cunts that cause your ears to bleed 
talking incessantly 
about nothing, 
except themselves

I prefer the Druggy Slutty Girls 
artistic types with big tits 
shapely ass 
and a smile on their face 
because they know where it's at

The girls that drink and smoke 
outspoken with intelligence 
expelled from school 
for not playing by the rules 
Druggy Slutty Girls are cool! 

I like girls who give head 
in the back of the shed 
girls who let 
you touch them 
without pretense or tease 
Girls who want it as bad as me 

I like girls who 
play guitar, form rock bands, DJ, 
paint, draw, write poetry 
get dirty with words 
whispering sweet seductions 

Girls that stay up late, masturbate 
dreaming of the next date 
while waiting for their escape 
from small town surroundings 

Druggy Slutty Girls 
looking for the fate of the real world 
not pretending it's perfect 
but living in it alive 
understanding their time 
is now