Disco Dancing In the 90's


It’s a night like other siren nights


-the sun is not playing god, but there are strobes everywhere 


Warm breeze of August fills the air

the warehouse I approach is different

-glitter girls are on the loose making the walls sweat


this is a Rave, 


feels so good now.

 the warm breeze mixes with;


smoke tobacco ganja 

no cries of sadness 

I can hear from here and I’m not there yet.

I can sense the vibe

I get up the walk way 

pass the bouncer man 

hired by Joe the plumber.

I see old Joe the plumber man, 

bent over the keg of cheap beer 

he drinks the beer because it’s his job

everyone else is on a certain kind of dove

His butt crack is showing

it looks like a broken heart,

young girls line up to talk to Joe

they want to buy wee pills

to make their heads explode

Joe is the cupid of the underground.

He understands how we like it.

Doing drugs with beautiful young girls

there is no way to die

we will live forever

Two good looking his and hers look at each other

they don’t talk white label politics 

they kiss

their lips wet and roving, tongues swallowing

but a boy in drag and a girl who doesn’t shave her legs 

discuss dick licking and cock sucking

they both need to fuck cunt and don’t know it

I walk into the chill out room

mixed metaphors are doing the 69

is she a blonde, is she a brunette, she is both

biodegradable spun by the DJ

the dancers are on plastic bottles of water

old Joe talks disguises

I try to hide 

heeding Joe’s advice

I end up in the funky Drum n' Bass room, 

lights are on and off

music plays loudly

music is turned off, 

and on.

Bang goes the bass and the drums

waltzing faster that a pussy cat chasing it’s tail

I find that Techno Trance with the European flavor

this is where it is at for me. 

My MDMA starts to work

girls I’ve seen on nights like this before surround me

they are beautiful but I don’t chat them up

waves of synth pound on me, through my head

it takes control and I let it

I know how to relinquish to the sound

zestful power of beats 

smiling helps

and later hugs with the Sloth

 kisses with love of a certain girl

coming down helps if you can be embraced

but that is later

right now I dance

we can’t die as long as we dance


this is a RAVE!


I am no longer a raver

It’s a four letter word to me

Bounded in stupidity

But I’ll never stop the dancing

That’s the main thing