Roses are red, violets are blue, peas are green and oranges are orange


To all the people who have visited the shoe box of my head, 
I would love to turn you on 
Red stains 
Dead roses in red wine bottles 
Blood love 

I’ve done white lines to boost my pride 
told white lies to acquire a social life 
got between a black woman’s white sheets, 
and taken off a girl’s cotton white panties


In-between the blue 
I’ve walked under the stars and over the seas 
got drunk listening to Billy Joel’s Piano Man, 
everything by Tom Waits and Shane Mac Gowan 
I think I’m in love with life, 
but probably just high


To all the people who want to sleep with me 
you give the buzz of the bumblebee, 
hornets nest and wasp stings 
No sleep black eyes, 
under brushed yellow teeth 
baggy skin and tartar