Blow Out the Candle Flame

coffee in the morning 
wine in the evening 
candles glowing in the dim room 
Nick Drake on the stereo 
gentle cuddling sex, 
that’s how we lived 
it was simple but never boring 

 we took our time with everything 
not rushing through memories 
sharing the smells around us 
the aroma of our love-making, 
that’s how we lived 
interpreting the meaning of things

 she made me a better person 
I was less lonely than ever 
living with a true partner 
laughing at silly little stuff 
and I told her my secrets 
like the best friends we were

 but no matter how simple 
love is never uncomplicated 
and just when you think you are happy 
you get a slap in the face 
a punch in the stomach

 you will learn the hard lessons 
of how singular we are 
and be crippled and humbled 
ashamed that you were content 
as you painfully wait 
for time to heal the wounds