Attractions & Perversions

You have the walk
And you have the hair cut
And huge cock
When you look in the mirror
You call yourself-
A sexy mother fucker

Not that you are nice
More like a boil on an asshole
You are worse than a bastard
But better than an anal retentive sodomite
Like my last date who rimmed me wide

You suck in bed
You bite when you kiss
You punch my pussy with your fist
You do it with relatives
And animals
I’ve seen your Polaroid’s

Your attractions are strange
Not only living things
I saw you fuck a melon
Not a watermelon
But a cantaloupe

My cats aren’t safe when you are around
I have to hide the lotion
You like to grease yourself with
You get your hairy self in bits
When you can’t make it fit
But I must admit
I like when you taste my shit

I know you have a book
With girls without hair
Not that it was shaved
They just haven’t had the years

I think I should call the cops
They could come and lock you up
But then I would be lonely
What are you doing tonight?