Rave is a State of Mind


Rave is not a four letter word, but it also isn't some 15 year-old kid dancing in a warehouse on GHB, either. Or at least that's not what rave means to us.

Don't get us wrong, we love nothing more than being up all night dancing with like-minded people. It always beats a night in front of the TV, even if a Simpson's marathon is on.

We love the effects of Ecstasy on our minds, bodies and soul. Dancing and kissing feels so right on E, but so do the thoughts that swirl in the mind.

The problem is, we cannot live on E, trust us we have tried, and it got us into states (I don't mean Alabama) that no one wants to be in. 

The question is how to live past the high, how to make reality enjoyable? The answer we are throwing around here at Pax Acidus lies in creation. Because if nothing is done the day after the big nights out, if it's only the high that you live for, then you might get lost in the transition. Don't let the come down take you out of the game. This is not a dress rehersal, blah, blah, blah.

We are probably not trying to write the next Great American Novel, the one that comes after Miller's Tropic of Cancer. No. We are doing this to entertain you. The way acid house music took the DIY of punk, we are trying to take the inspiration of the dance floors and translate that into fiction, a Universal Make-Believe if you will.

Our stories, poetry, and screen plays are far from perfect. But the Sex Pistols never had a bass player who could play. Still, you all know who Sid Vicious was.

Our writing has been called all the adjectives by friends and critics: sexy, smart, sloppy, smut and shit. While we don't mind the first few we could do without the last one. Since we currently fall somewhere between a genius and an idiot, maybe we are only a good editor away from something that will really turn you on. Something that will give you a buzz, or something to talk about down the pub the way we debate Primal Scream singles, Carl Cox sessions, and the merits of Guinness.

We are still learning to control our craft. That is why some of the novels posted here are works in progress (regress). But hell, when we are as famous as our hero Irvine Welsh you can all say you knew us back when we couldn't even spell.

So take these flawed imperfections and enjoy the rave spirit we have tried to evoke, a future time of social freedom we call Pax Acidus.

We also encourage you to E-mail us with comments and criticisms. It can only help, and if you are too mean then we will probably tell you to Fuck Off. So enjoy all the stories, screenplays and poetry. It might not all be as good as the Simpson's yet but we are trying.

Peace and Pax Acidus!