Bend Over, Dr. Laura


Response to this article by McCutcheon:

Ah! Jean Paul Sartre was right. Hell is other people.

I wrote a hundred pages about why Dr. Laura should have her tongue stuck to a frozen flagpole but then decided why bother with putting up negative vibes on the Pax Acidus site when you can get that on the streets. 

It's people like her that make me feel glad to know my friends. People who never let a little government restriction get in the way of adventure. 

Yeah it might not be the safest route to travel but anything worth experiencing has to be achieved down a meandering, turbulent road. 

It's sex drugs and rock n roll, mates! 

My pool might be shallow but it is my pool and I'll be diving of the 'high' board without a life guard if you get my drift.

The funny thing is that this appeared when she was on holiday. That must have been a laugh. I hope she crashes and burns. 

Safe safe safe! 

Boring boring boring!

The living dead don't get a holiday!

Dr. Laura you are not on the bus.

Fuck you Dr. Laura and stick your ego and yer morality up yer ass. You apparently need the experience!