Anarchy is Going On


This is the World Wide Web, and this is anarchy. 
an-ar-chy (an-ar-ky) n. 
pl. an-ar-chies 
1. Absence of governmental authority or law. 
2. Disorder and confusion. 
[From Greek anarkhos, without a ruler.]

Why is this anarchy? 

What the fuck am I talking about?

I'll explain myself.

You see, I love the Internet, I love phenethylamines, I love techno, and I love a good pint of Guinness or six. But what compels me to write about it? Why do I wish to share it with the world over this newfangled system of computer wires?

Anarchy. Self rule.

It might come as a shock to some that neither Bill Gates nor the American Military owns the World Wide Web. It belongs to those who use it. I am not paid for writing this essay. I do it of my own free volition, just as I take a walk, make a cup of tea, or pick some psilocybin mushrooms and ingest them for spiritual enlightenment. There is no hope of financial retribution from this stuff I'm writing. I am doing it (in grand anarchist style) because I want to do it and I fucking feel like it.

There is nothing to fear from work with no pay or toil with no thanks if it is done with passion and emotion for the right reasons. Anarchy is not a bunch of punks running around injecting heroin into their veins. Anarchy is admitting that if everybody works together for fifteen minutes a day we could run our own fucking lives. 

I think Noam Chomsky said it better like this: 
"Anarchy is a community of free association without coercion by the state or other authoritarian institutions in which free men can create and inquire and achieve the highest development of their powers."

The first step in achieving the goal of anarchy is to NEVER vote for any established "career politician" unless you actually like him or her, you know, want to fuck them or something. That alone will bring us closer to anarchy.

When governmental parties are formed, the primary goal is always to gain influence over the people. It would be really cool if people refused to elect major party candidates. 

If we elected underground writers and supermodels to positions of top government, the world would be a much more groove-friendly place. Instead of meeting in cold marble rooms in ugly state capitals, politicians should party in Ibiza with a lot of of sexy, fun people. And an unlimited supply of ecstasy, ketamine, GHB, and marijuana. 

If this happened, I am pretty sure there would be fewer and less violent wars. Deep down inside, politicians are people too, you know. Except maybe for most of them. 

I voted for Harry Brown in 1996. I am not really a Libertarian, but I have to admit it sounds rather fun. It's just that only anarchy can stir my loins to the point of needing a wank. Besides, anarchists don't run for President. They don't hold rallies. They are not interested in the political process. They just do whatever they fucking please. 

So, why specifically is anarchy the government of the future? Because it was ridiculed in the 80's? Because it was violently opposed by the Thatcher regime in progressivist England? Because then we could elect Johnny Rotten to be president of the USA?


Anarchy is the government of the future because it is self-evident that it is the government of the future. 

Marx once said in his great folly that communism is the 'ultimate' form of government. He really thought of capitalism as an oppressive "intermediary" stage of government. A stage of government that is not sustainable forever because of things like greed, uneasiness in the class system, etc.

Marx, of course, was a Jew living in the hostile Christian country of Germany, where love of neighbor was considered a social disease. I guess the little girls didn't blow him when he was a teen. He might have been content to become a drug dealer and write poetry about nothingness. Talk about the march of progress! 

Nothing, by definition, can ever stop the march of progress, except maybe religion. This is what Karl Marx said about religion:

"Religion is the sigh of the oppressed creature, the heart of a heartless world, and the soul of soulless conditions. It is the opium of the people." 

I agree with the tone of this quote, but not the metaphor. I think opium should be the opium of the people. Have you ever tried that stuff? It's definitely more spiritual than Christianity. And it's more fun than communism. 

If Marx were alive today he would be about 180 years old. And he might be delighted at our modern Western civilization and hardly disappointed. If Marx had been raised in a loving and liberal society with great rave parties on ecstasy, he would have never say so many terrible things about the accumulation of capital.

Money is not inherently evil. It cannot be eliminated until all material needs are also eliminated. The only possible way to move towards this goal is for people to become more secure and more self-reliant.

This is the world wide web and this is Anarchy.

As long as people treat themselves as pawns in a governmental scheme, then they will be pawns in a governmental scheme. And we all know what happens to pawns... (they get sacrificed). 

As long as education of the people is left to the government, citizens will continue to be educated at an inferior level by inferior minds.

Public education is merely a pathetic attempt at baby-sitting by people unable to make there way in real-life situations. These are the people who eat their own young. These are the teachers that teach for and not against their textbooks. These are the teachers that censor and discourage and actively beat down their students' creativity and rebellious spirits.

One year's salary for a teacher can buy 20 computers and teach 80 students per year for approximately 4 years. Yet most high school graduates can't even load an Excel spreadsheet let alone use it to do anything.

Give the kids computers and Web access and let them stay at home and dream up the design of a spaceship to get us off this planet. Let them stay home naked and party with their friends. Let them travel and see how ugly and beautiful the world really is.

Today, us anarchic types have nowhere to run. There are no more Australias or Americas to hide away in. So now we must bear down and overthrow the current way of thinking and especially voting.

A government that makes its living off the "governed" masses by means of taxing them is a bad concept from the get go. If the government provides any such service to the populace beyond roads and national defense, then surely we would happy to pay on a per use fee. 

Wait a sec, America. National defense means DEFENDING ONESELF AGAINST OUTSIDE INVADERS, not simply bombing any country that suits your fancy. Vietnam. Laos. Iraq. Central America.

Do you think the government wastes your money? 

Talk to any businessman in America and mention the words "government contract" and see his eyes light up like a ecstasy-fueled raver with a new glowstick.

Yes, I think the government wastes the majority of our money. Anyone who doubts the self-sufficiency of humanity is really denying the most obvious of all aspects, the aspect of population. 

We are a species 6 billion strong and growing. We impact our environment and the entire Universe because we understand (although to a limited degree) the importance of being alive and sentient.

There is no reason our culture has to be so shit. Our lives so meaningless. To look about at you makes me want to cry in shame.


There will never be enough blondes, steak, and champagne to satisfy the world's worst simple-minded desires.

But who in their right mind wants steak every meal?

Me, I'll take a brunette, a couple veggie burgers and a bottle of vin de table. 


Because the important things in life have nothing to do with governmental authority over the masses.