Tricky is a modern day Pablo Picasso. The way Picasso upset traditional form and space in painting Tricky has done with music. His musical canvases are full of different color schemes and undreamed of dimensions in the subject of tormenting self-mortification. Tricky also has a way with women like Picasso did. Jonathan Richman sang that ‘no one ever called Picasso an asshole’, but many people are calling Tricky one.

Tricky might be a cross-dressing misogynist, but I like cross dressers and I think most males are a little misogynist the way most whites are racist. Not prejudiced but racist, meaning that individually every guy has their own opinion on women-to love or hate them or to love to hate them. Personally I love to love women given the chance but I also realize that as a gender men suck.

It might be hard to swallow but there is an honesty in the brutal truth found in Tricky’s lyrics. You don’t get any liberal weeping sensitive guy with a beard and ponytail sandal wearing I just want to hug mother fuckers with Tricky. There is no hiding behind PC bullshit. He believes you have to fuck a woman to know her, to have loved her to hate her. It’s urban decay distraught relationships going through a bender of bullet hole smoke shot through the heart.

Tricky was once lazy and under appreciated, like most lazy people are, while he was in Massive Attack. Now he is flying solo naked and famous with coke in his nose and dealing with an estranged partner.

In person he might just be an asshole in a dress and too much make up. As a musician he is fucking tops, and as long as you are not dating him that’s all that should matter. For it is impossible to ignore such work as Maxinquaye and Pre-Millennium Tension. Both albums are rich in beats that fuck with the head. Slow and sexy and dark is the best way to describe the ballads of destruction and the forceful tunes come on sonic strong like a bong hit and Tenants Super Lager swallowed at once. Traditional instruments like guitar are used almost in a revolutionary way, not like Lennon and Mc Carthy, but blended into the mix of electronics. Tricky was also behind Nearly God, an album of guests and get your mates in to do a few songs before hitting the pub.

With Maxinquaye Tricky created the best Trip Hop album ever made, yes better than anything else that has ever come out of Bristol and that includes Dummy by Portishead. By Tension he killed off two words that everyone was sick of hearing-Trip Hop and Millennium, with one album. It was a celebration of self, even if the road to the pot of gold had more financial repercussions than spiritual enlightenment. Some blokes are put on this earth to suffer allowing us into the beauty of genius.