Rosa Parks


You probably don't remember this, but once upon a time in America (home of the free) the governments, local and national, were so fucked up that people were separated by skin color. 

They had white and black schools, drinking fountains and places where you could take a shit. In short, apartheid in America went well into the 1960's...

Then a woman stepped on the bus. Parks, a political activist since her early youth, was just too tired to go to the back, a law she was supposed to obey because she had black colored skin.

She sat in the front and by doing so took a stand.

Some people's fifteen seconds last an eternity. 

Rosa Park’s moment 'on the bus' started a peaceful revolution that not only changed the law but also the way people think about one another. That's a hell of a lot more than Betsy Ross ever did for America.

Rosa gave everyone the freedom to sit anywhere they want, which is now usually in the back anyway, because that's where all the fun is.

And remember... if anyone is not free, then no one is free.