Robert Downey Junior

Robert Downey Jr should be the next Drug Czar of the United States of America. Why? He has tried them all and loves them all.

Who else is more qualified to make sure the quality and availability of popular recreational drugs remains high?

"I've been addicted to drugs in one form or another since I was eight years old" he said in an interview.

One of Hollywood's brightest stars, Robert Downey Jr is not the posh silver spoon fed brat he has the reputation of being. This Oscar winning tramp has worked as a busboy and a shoe salesman.

I still get tingles whenever I hear his name mentioned... ever since he wore that t-shirt with the giant 'e' on it in Short Cuts. It was the first Hollywood reference to ecstasy culture I ever remember. Nice one.

So if you're bored and need a few good movies to rent, what can be more inspiring than the back catalog of Robert Downey Jr?

Black and White (2000)
Wonder Boys (2000)
Bowfinger (1999)
Friends & Lovers (1999)
In Dreams (1999)
U.S. Marshals (1998)
The Gingerbread Man (1998)
Hugo Pool (1997)
Two Girls and a Guy (1997)
One Night Stand (1997)
Danger Zone (1996)
Restoration (1995)
Home for the Holidays (1995)
Richard III (1995)
Only You (1994)
Natural Born Killers (1994)
Hail Caesar (1994)
Short Cuts (1993)
Heart and Souls (1993)
Chaplin (1992)
Too Much Sun (1991)
Soapdish (1991)
Air America (1990)
Chances Are (1989)
That's Adequate (1989)
True Believer (1989)
1969 (1988)
Johnny Be Good (1988)
Rented Lips (1988)
Less Than Zero (1987)
The Pick-up Artist (1987)
America (1986)
Back to School (1986)
Tuff Turf (1985)
Weird Science (1985)
Firstborn (1984)
Baby, It's You (1983)
Pound (1970)