Roald Dahl

Roald Dahl is the famous Norwegian / Welsh author of "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory", "James & The Giant Peach", and "The BFG". In high school he received poor marks in composition from his teachers.

In his 20's, Roald (whose parents according to Tommy Martin couldn't spell Ronald) was a fighter pilot during WW2 in North Africa. He was shot down in North Africa by the Italians and barely survived.

In 1944, he was sent to Washington to help persuade the Americans to join the war effort. Dahl used to hang out and drink with Franklin Roosevelt. He had a sophisticad air for such a meager immigrant Welsh background. In fact, his stories were so fascinating he was encouraged to write them for Vanity Fair. That sparked his literary career. Dahl died of old age in 1990.

Dahl wrote about the consequences of greed, naivete, death, revenge, and other dark topics. Many people are familiar and love his children's stories. Not so many are aware of his ineffable writing for adults as well. His adult stories are available separately in smaller books, or together in an Omnibus and "Best Of" editions. Get them... you won't be sorry.