Primal Scream

If you want to be ‘On the Bus’ you better get it sorted. And quick. The Bus doesn’t leave the parking lot without the whole Primal Scream collection in the 8 track...

 The Scream Team, for they are always changing line ups and players and working with guest superstars like Irvine Welsh, Denise Johnson, George Clinton, Johnny Miller, Adrian Sherwood, The Chemical Brothers, Kate Moss, Kris Needs, Andrew Weatherall, and rumor has it a new team up with Dr. John (who worked with Spiritualized-Cop shoot Cop) for the new film Acid House.

 If that’s not impressive just listen to the music. If you don’t have Primal Scream in your record collection, you don’t have a record collection. There is not a better experience on planet Earth than taking your first hit of Ecstasy and playing Screamadelica. It will take you Higher than the Sun, the best song ever written even when you are cold stone sober. I don’t mean that Sun is the best song on one of the top three LP’s ever recorded, I mean it is the best song even written in the history of music. Primal Scream-You know what I mean? You might be getting the idea.

 Their last album, Vanishing Point, was so good that it rocked gold fillings out of mouths of the soulless executives at the Scream's American record company and they got dropped. Not to worry though because they are on Creation in England and if they get dropped by their old mates I’ll go over and show them an old style American shooting spree. It just won’t happen because Allan McGee knows where it’s at. McGee called Point the sound of his nervous breakdown. Primal Scream took it as a compliment.

 I don’t want to list all the songs I like and what albums to buy because they are all brilliant. Either you already have them and your shaking your head ‘Yes’ or you’ll just have to go out and get on that musical journey for yourself. But I’ll give you a hint; Screamadelica LP, Dixie Narco EP, Give out but don’t give up LP, Vanishing Point LP, Echo Deck LP, and all the singles you can find. There are a few other albums that you must hear but your doing all right if you get together some of your mates and lovers-drugs and booze- and pile into a room, lock the door, and put this all on one of those ten CD changers and hit the shuffle button. If you live through the experience you will emerge a true PAX ACIDUS angel.

 Primal Scream- Country sad blues, techno trance trainer trippin’, modernist psychedelic dub, greasy haired heroin rock, coke-fueled Studio 54 disco camp and sex, drugs and rock n roll lived to the bottom of the darkest void to the highest spirit in Bobby Gillespie’s dilated pupil -
Know what I mean?