People in the States think Burning Man is all the rage. But Mike & Claire McKay, who run Manumission club along with the hotel in Ibiza, have been living a hedonistic, sexually open lifestyle on their own terms. Their club and what they believe in is a moral code we should all strive for. Besides open sex in the club and great tunes, they also brought the #1 Pax Acidus party band Happy Mondays to the island to play the first time ever on a Monday. Truly a happy one.

"Mike was ill and had to go so we tried to carry on without him. Baby D, a half man, half woman wonder, took me around on the back of her oversize tricycle, dressed in towels for the street parade. We got to Manumission on time, and just as the time was running out and the sun was coming up I turned and saw Mike standing there. I have never been so happy to see anyone in my life. Mike has never missed a Manumission. It was mid season and the club was heaving. I walked on the stage armed with a towel, a pair of stilettos, and some bubbles. Contrary to popular belief Mike and I had never had full-on sex on stage, but Mike had never been completely happy with that and he had a whopping great hard-on. The least I could do was jump on and make the most of it. I'm sure the audience will be talking about it for years."

Shaun Ryder:
"Mike and Claire are great people man, absolutely brilliant people. They've got a fantastic vibe and everything - the club and with everything that they do. It's not just about doing anything or just about that making money thing. They're characters and they're very nice people and very fun-loving, you know... and people like that contribute to the whole atmosphere here."