Johnny Cash


Johnny Cash has paid his dues. He has soul and has survived the reinvention of a new completely shit brand of country music. It's enough to kill lesser men. 

The Man in Black didn’t only make country music cool, picking up where Hank Williams left off, but he has lived his life in the rocking fast lane. His baritone voice is one of the coolest ever recorded.

Coming from such humble beginnings with Sun Studios you know, they had Carl Perkins, Jerry Lee Lewis, and some guy named Elvis Presley.

Cash’s back catalogue is perfect. Short songs about truckers, convicts, killers, speed freaks, and boys named Sue.

Lately Johnny has been fighting for his health; a life on the road, old age and too much speed are catching up to the man. The Man in Black, strumming away with the fuck finger flying, a man who has attitude; before attitude was thought of as an attractive quality. Cash was punk rock before the Sex Pistols ever saw their first safety pin.

Johnny hasn’t quit yet either; his last few recordings still sound fresh and meaningful today. Check out his cover version of Neil Diamonds’ Solitary man.