Jocelyn Elders

Jocelyn embarrassed the nation by telling the truth:

Kids need to be educated to avoid unwanted pregnancy.

Jocelyn taught this message in Arkansas for years.

Everyone seemed to agree. 

Everything was cool.


Bill Clinton made her Surgeon General of the USA.

Jocelyn preached that all kids should have free access to condoms. She thought boys should masturbate in condoms to practice getting them on right.

Why not?

What is so bizarre about that?

It's way more educational and fun than putting one on a banana. 

Well, not everyone agreed. Apparently, the moral majority are perfectly happy with a country full of stupid pregnant kids. Jocelyn Elders was pressured to resign. And now she is an endocrinologist, which can't be nearly as fun.

I miss her. She was too honest to lead in America.

"We are a nation in which every criminal has the right to a lawyer, yet we don't feel every sick person has the right to a doctor."
-Jocelyn Elders