Jason Lee

Kevin Smith's best film is Mall Rats, despite the poor showing at the box office.


Why is it the best?

Because it's the funniest. 

Why is it the funniest?

Because it stars Jason Lee.

Admittedly, the rest of the cast is shit and the film itself is a shambles, but Jason Lee dominates every scene. Jason doesn't so much act as he gruffs and graws pure expressionism across the screen.

It's enough to give you the bellyaches of a perpetual stoner.

In Mall Rats alone, Jason waxes philosophical poetry on such topics as
  • farting when a girlfriend is giving you head
  • putting your hand up your ass and creating "stinky palms"
  • three-nippled fortune tellers
  • Hartford the Whale
  • Stan Lee (no relation)
  • Superman's sperm

 It's all quite a treat.

 Look for Jason in upcoming Dogma and currently playing in Enemy of the State.

I also highly recommend Kissing a Fool for anyone who likes light romantic comedy.

PS. I also have a feature script with a part I specifically wrote for Jason Lee. So anyone who knows him pass on the info!