Jack Kerouac


Jack Kerouac's seminal book "On the Road" is probably one of the main reasons that the 60's counter-culture movement even happened.

Kerouac became a "spokesman for a generation" and continued to prove that great literature can have a profound impact on culture. 

Happily, this was a role Jack never relished and ultimately rejected. Fans often confused Jack with Dean Moriarty, the main character of the book. But the real Jack was a drinker, dedicated writer, and jazz fan. He played football in college and was never a hippie or a hipster like so many of his inspired readers. 

Born in Lowell, Massachusetts of Québécois parentage, Kerouac was a an alcoholic mama's boy with a serious benzo (speed) habit. 

Despite his literary fame, he died miserable and young (aged 45) due to excessive drinking. We at Pax Acidus love you Jack! And we always will.