Heather Graham

Things you know; Actress. Sex bomb.


In Gus Van Standt’s best movie Drugstore Cowboy Heather played a beautiful young thing whose lust for life led her down a road of teenage drug addiction. It wasn’t long before she OD'd. But she did make a sexier corpse than Laura Palmer.

In Boogie Nights she played another beautiful young thing whose lust for life found her in roller-skates and not much else. And this time she did drugs and lived (which is the good way to do it).

I've seen about as many films as Tarantino and I haven't seen a young actress explode off the screen like that since Natassja Kinski in Tess. Where Natassja was getting raped and abused, Heather as Roller girl was making all the choices herself. When told she is supposed to have sex with Marky Mark in a scene she says,'groovy', pausing only long enough to turn on the stereo and take off her clothes (except the roller skates of course.)

Something Heather has said, "I went through a depression, a kind of self-hatred. Just feeling like I'm not good enough...blah blah blah...not necessarily having to do with work, just in general, not having self-esteem."

Something else Heather has said, "I'm a sexual expert-I didn't need a coach. Anyway, what makes you really good at something is that you enjoy what you're doing and the other person enjoys it too. That's what I noticed was the main thing about good pornos. When I first began, the difficult thing for me was the roller skates. When I started I wasn't good at all. But after a while it was fun. It made me feel free, like a kid. I learned how to dance in them...take a bath in them, sleep in them, have sex in them...I never took them off."

Another something Heather has said, "I feel like I want to do what makes me happy, what I want to do, and not take it all too seriously. I don't want to be like, 'I must be successful or else.' I just want to be a simple person and take advantage of opportunities and do the best I can. Aspire to do better. Not view it as this intensely important thing through which I must find validation."

Things you might know if you read the same magazines I did; Heather was born in Wisconsin but doesn't live there. I hope she's a Packer fan. Her father was in the FBI. I wonder if he knows Jude Doss. She's an Aquarius but that doesn't tell me what month she was born in. She was in a movie with the two Coreys that wasn't about vampires and came after people realized that Kiefer Sutherland makes a much better villain than sexy leading man. Can you imagine the film A Time to Kill if Sutherland and Matthew McConaughey had played each others roles? –Sorry, back to important things.

Heather likes to read. Yes!!!

All young beautiful people out there learn what Heather already knows. Reading makes you smart and sexy. Books open your mind. Books have been banned. Books have been burnt. Drugs open your mind. Drugs have been banned. Drugs have been burnt. Anybody see the connection?

Heather if you ever read this we at Pax Acidus would like to help you find a book. You don't even have to be in Seattle. We can do it right through your computer. Just email: mccutcheon@paxacidus.com or call (917) 337-1659 and ask for McCutcheon.

It has been said that Heather Graham looks like a bimbo. I don’t agree with that at all. There is too much there. I mean more than just her body, you can see it in those sea blue saucer eyes. Bimbo? No. She just looks like somebody you would really like to get into bed- and have her never leave.

Heather is on the bus because she’s a movie star and reads, has dealt with depression. The reason I mention this is because it’s always sexy for me to know someone’s gone through a little bit of soul searching. I’m surprised how many people haven’t. I’m not even going to get into the whole ‘why I hate L.A. thing except for the parties.’ To paraphrase Hugh Grant’s better half Liz Hurley- ‘If given the choice between a total beefcake and someone who looks liked they’ve gone through a bit I’d always pass on the beefcake.’

Heather knows having a good time is more important than a safe career in boring roles. She is good at what she does and I love watching her on screen. . I am only one of many who enjoy her acting because she is one of the few who can act. I know it all sounds so obvious and in my infatuation I’m putting too many daisies up her ass but so many people don’t get it. Winona Ryder has just spent about a decade diluting away her wonderful talent. Winona please get back on the bus. You haven’t been in anything worth watching since, erm, Heathers. I mean what a leap that was from Square Dance to Lucas. Maybe fighting space monsters in a time when Sci-Fi movies have replaced Westerns as America’s favorite genre of film will be some sort of resurrection. Maybe. – Sorry, back to important things.

Heather Graham; Actress, sex bomb, reader. And she can rollerskate too.