Americans call them wine coolers... but since we at Pax Acidus are Anglophiles... and we think it sounds cooler... we call them alcopops. They are alcoholic drinks that taste like soda pop.

 Some people say there were created because 15 year old girls don't like beer yet. Whatever the reason... the Pax Acidus Bus's fridge is partially loaded with Alcopops for those incredible hangovers that we've been known to have from time to time.

 Current stateside favorite is Mike's Hard Lemonade... but the UK is full of good choices and surprisingly Canada has everyone beat in this arena with their assortment of tangy delicious melon tangers.


Sloth recommends them alongside a spliff for breakfast... McCutcheon likes to pour on girls pussies and slurp. Whatever your modus operandi... make sure you get some for your next party for when all the real alcohol is gone.

They are oh so sweet and always a treat.