You've Come a Long Way, Baby


Yeah FAT BOY SLIM is fucking in heaven! Right about now. Right here, right now!

People say it ain't good. The rockers say it's fuckin' Techno. The hipsters say it's not as good as the first one. I say fuck them. FAT BOY SLIM is fucking in heaven. Fucking & Fucking & Fucking !

Live at the Paramount, Fatboy rocked the decks for four hours non-stop. And he almost accomplished the impossible, inciting a bunch of eckied up ravers to get ill and bum rush the show. Fatboy Slim is fucking in heaven.

Have you even seen a naked beautiful baby barista boogying to Praise You?

I have.

Fucking & Fucking & Fucking.

In 48 hours I had 8 hits of E, some Amsterdam 2-CT-2, acid, 4 bottles of wine- 3 Beaujolais & 1 Chardonnay, 5 bottles of Beck's, 1 slice of pizza with pineapple on it, and this album. Yeah, I saw God.

There have only been two party albums of the last 5 years. You've Come a Long Way, Baby & It's Great When You Yer Straight...Yeah by Black Grape. 

What's a party album?

It's not hiding under the covers. It's letting the world know you are happy and high.

Druggy, Druggy, Druggy!

It's seeing a baby barista dancing naked, a great beer shit, a blow job from a James Bond girl.

Fucking & Fucking & Fucking!

Praise You, FAT BOY SLIM.

Thanks for taking us along for the ride.