Fuck off and start dancing. Here comes 'Xtrmntr' by Primal Scream!

You know what I mean? And if this review is a little fucked up, it's because we are living the life. Send us your complaints.

Primal Scream is beautifully talented, so it’s just natural they attract the most brilliant people working in music today. In the past they have recorded with Jimmy Miller (produced 'Exile on Main Street' for The Stones), George Clinton and Andrew Weatherhall.

Now they have Mani of Stone Roses on bass, Kevin Shields in the studio and productions being done by David Holmes and The Chemical Brothers.

Bobby Gillespie The Scream Team leader is capable of the widest range of musical comprehensions. His gang emulates the highest hedonistic heights to the most desperate declines and every variable in-between. Basically Primal Scream is Rock n Roll.

Now they are back with a vengeance. Pissed off and ready to shake the world with a punk disco record. 'Xtrmntr' burns with despondent passion full of dark social commentary and fucked up drug abuse.

It all starts off with 'Kill All Hippies' the recorded noise of the Battle in Seattle, as Bobby sings, “You got the money, but I got the soul.” Phish fans won’t play it.

'Keep Your Dreams' is a soul ballad full of delicate ecstasy chimes that captures the splendid chemical induced drug coma Primal Scream knows so well. It will leave you on your back with goggle eyes, licking lips, wishing to caress the world.

'Blood Money' has Oasis rock drums, Joy Division bass lines, Sun Ra jazz horns, and Orbital techno sequences. A postmodern instrumental the boys from A Clockwork Orange would dig if they were just a bit more suave.

The fist single is 'Swastika Eyes' and appears on the album twice. It blasts the controlling world powers for greedy backhanded policies. The best high breed, full force, cultural attack, dance record of the year 2000.

'Pills' is a stripped down rap attack on the insanity psychosis of a crippling hangover. It’s the Iggy Pop sentimentality of “beating my head with liquor and drugs!” Bobby is fighting against the damage done.

The amazing thing is that 'Xxtrmntr' ends even stronger than it begins. 'I’m Five Years Ahead of My Time' and 'Shoot Speed Kill Light' bring together everything Primal Scream stand for, completing a 21st Century sonic assault.