Up a Tree

Looper is one man named Stuart, from the shy Scottish group Belle & Sebastian. Up a Tree is a simple short album that has an infectious low hi-fi tecnho groove throughout its tunes. When Jocks are this polite you better listen.

The Treehouse
lullaby music for the bedroom geeks reading Oscar Wilde who wish they could be more like Robert Burns. Nice wee voices chatting. It could turn evil depending on the drugs you have ingested. How do you pronounce "murder" backwards?

Impossible Things #2
a true love story about our heroes Stuart and Karn. Writing letters everyday for seven years. Emotional bonding without physical experience. A love song about wasting the best years of your life. But they ended up married so it makes everything all right. Just a little sad.

Burning Flies
away from noise. A real pop song about cruel acts like torturing bugs. If this isn’t a single it should be.

Ballad of Ray Suzuki
a Looper theme song in the bi-polar atmosphere of FAT BOY SLIM’s self-celebrated anthems. First time I heard this I wanted to cry and laugh and tell everyone how great it was. They might not have come a long way, and they might not call you baby, but everyone wants to be a looper.

Quiet and Small
a Velvet Underground country style ballad about a baby. Maybe the baby is up a tree, like everything else on this album, waving. Instills the warm fuzziness of fatherhood.

Columbo’s Car
Pink Panther theme song gets rewritten as Looper plays the detective. As another great Scottish artist Sir Arthur Conan Doyle once said, "The game is afoot!"

Up a Tree Again
Up a tree again music where the cat wants to be on a nice fall day.

What does Looper wear under it’s kilt? The best album of 1999. Even though it’s only March, Up a Tree will stand up and be counted when it's time to do the years 10 best.