Tin Planet

Let me first point out that I am biased.

I love this album and play it more than any other in my vast mp3 collection.

But I was playing their last album (Spiders) more than any other before I bought this one. Why am I a Space head? I don't know. Tin Planet sounds like 90's Tom Jones. Is this my destiny o cruel dark lord? To be in rehab stuck on Easy Listening?

No, because Space restored my faith in songwriting. I was afraid for a while there that Oasis would be the last "rock group" I could ever listen to or actually want to be in. Me I'm basically into techno styles and most anything else leaves me cold.

But Tommy Scott (lead singer) is the most talented songwriter in existence and his superiority comes through loud and clear with every track. His tracks ring a chord in my heart...

I still have the painting we bought in Rome,
The one I hated, you adored
And now I own

Avenging Angels and The Ballad have both become hits in England and the album is not even available here in our sad pathetically tossed off American country.

I scored my copy from Amazon.com for just $28.95. I was expecting an English copy to show up at my door, but it was a Dutch copy and that made me even happier because it made me think of huge joints and nude beaches and rosy nippled lowland tits and me creaming all over them (sorry).

This time around, Space is more relaxed and much less manic. The songwriting has a swing feel to it although the band is never afraid to sound synth-poppy either. The last track Fran in Japan is techno all the way and just as brilliant as Growler from Spiders. This album proves that rock has no excuse for sounding so stale and boring today.

America there is no excuse for being so stale and boring either. Riot people riot. Run the streets red with blood!

Just kidding. Run it red with the banners of rave culture and beat brotherhood. Run it red with disdain for what democracy has degenerated into.

ANYWAY, Get this fucking album it's way fucking cool. Mellow and easy on the ears. Perfect coming home music after a bad day at Dick's Drive Thru flipping burgers (or wherever you happen to work).

If you are unwilling to buy the import then buy Spiders if you don't have it already. Space needs some US hits in order to tour America, so EVERYONE BUY THIS DISC when it becomes available domestically.