The Libertines

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The new Libertines isn't even supposed to be out yet.

But I have it.

And I am not even on some twat pre-release list of snooty journalists. I got it off the Internet at— a services that costs less than a useless AOL account. With Easynews you can download hundreds of ever-changing, high quality albums every month.

I listened to the first album, Up The Bracket, (which I actually bought) plenty of times. But there seems something even more perversely naughty about listening to an illegal pre-release. Will the final album be the same? I hope so. And it will sell a million at least. It's a stupendous second effort from a wonderful and dramatic band.

Although all the tracks are good, the standout tracks that make this album worth the purchase price (not that I bought it) are:

- The Man Who Would Be King
- Campaign of Hate

This may be the rock and roll album of 2004. Need I say more? It's a bit self-loathing and a bit druggy rockabilly. Download this today— because you can't buy it.

If you are reading this after the release date and it's already in the stores...then buy it.

Well that's about it from this slothy reviewer, because I want to go fuck to this album. NME is going to be more loquaciously eloquent, (and probably less high and drunk) than me when they write their review... but in the end we will both agree that this fucking rocks.

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