Stupid Stupid Stupid

Stupid is all funky drumming, drunk cartoon characters and Shaun William Ryder swearing in the wrong places which means it's right on. The album begins with the first single Get Higher. It has a faux sample of Ronnie Reagan talking about his and Nancy's efforts to score some mary jane and the positive powers drugs can play in your life.

It's pretty funny, if not a little dated. The song has the same tongue in cheek, or rather lips to pipe, attitude we at Pax Acidus enjoy so it plays nicely into the soundtracks of our lives.

Squeaky starts off like a long lost Happy Mondays song you wish they had the ability to record back in the lean years before flying into the Black Grape vibes. It feels like the circuses Jim Morrison used to hang out at with follow the leader chants about dirty sex. Definitely not the squeaky clean fucking of the 90's.

The best track on the album is Daddi was a Baddi. It's about Shaun's dad, or his own bad habits or maybe Carlos the Jackal. I never know the exactly he is on about but it always puts a smile on my face. I mean how can you beat:

'And any chick with Nazi tits
my dad just had to shag!'

The man is a poet.

The only thing missing on Stupid is the lack of strong singles It's great when your straight, yeah! had. There are no Reverend Black Grapes here. Not that those classic songs made a dent into the musical psyche of the dumb fucks in America.

There are two ways to look at Stupid Stupid Stupid. Compared to stuff that Shaun's put out in the past with the Mondays and the first Grape album it pales a little. But judged against any album put out in the last twelve months it comes in third only behind Spritualized's Ladies and Gentlemen we are floating in Space and Primal Screams' Vanishing Point. And where Space was a broken-hearted overdose and Point was the raw nerves of mental breakdown, Stupid is the sound of the party still going on.

*I just want to take the time here to mention that Yes... Please! was not a bad album. And the singles are some of the best music made in the 90's. Listen to the Boys Own mixes you non-believers .