Inevitable Alien Nation

Keoki is back with his second new album in in 1998, Inevitable Alien Nation.

This self-proclaimed superstar keeps pumping out new discs like a MACHINE, and is incapable of being total shit like his detrimenters constantly claim he is. He is mocking you, not trying to be the Hollywood rave icon poster child he looks like.

In the tradition of Ego Trip and All Mixed Up, Inevitable Alien Nation continues to prove that Keoki is an innovator and not an imitator.

This one is all dirty techno, not a "dancer" but a "listener" with occasional outbreaks of gleeful euphoria.

On the first track, Jello Biafri, of Dead Kennedy's fame, does a spoken word rap. It is a rant about lack of freedom in America.

Me, I don't care if America is free or not. I just want to leave. Escape. Get the fuck out. See you. Turn the light's out, the music's over. This country is headed for fascism and war because people don't think before they vote. Keoki still cares. Me, I can't be bothered. I just don't care anymore.

That is a lie, I do care, because all my poor relatives live here. They apparently emigrated to America to avoid decent meals and culture.

Yes, I am fully aware that most people would hate this disc on first listen, and would prefer some mainstream crap. This is because most people do not take enough of, or the right kind of, drugs.

If Joe Mall Average were forced to drop a hit of ecstasy, crack open a beer, and then listen to this new Keoki album, it would sell about fifty million copies.

This newer, more creative, more drunk and stoned sounding Keoki seems way different than his earlier, ecstasy inspired work. If you like trippy slippy trancey dance music with a revolutionary attitude, buy this album.

It's certainly not for the techno dance purists, but to me that's a good thing.