Close Encounters of the Bump and Grind


Is this the future sound of Seattle?

We should be so lucky!

Volume All-Star is a collective effort between Steven and Lady Mallard, Seattle musical pioneers in the land of trip-hop and acid.

When I brought this one home after hearing it at the listening post at Tower Records, I was sure these guys were from England. I was convinced for three reasons:

1. it sounds really good and fresh.

2. the English web address on the back cover

3. the high price tag on the front. A single compact disc ON SALE for $18.99!

But when I opened the very English-looking CD case, I found myself staring at a picture of the Lusty Lady on First Avenue. Very cool. New hometown heroes!

It's a good thing I was drunk enough to buy it, because otherwise I might have thought too much about my dwindling pill supply and the rent and all. I may not be able to pay my rent, but at least I have some cool CD's to take with me to the street.




The beats are plentiful, slow, and hard. The disc is full of acid sounds and other electronic grooviness. The vocal tracks are angelic and vaguely reminiscent of early Tom Tom Club hipness. The plentiful samples seem to be from various B-movies and telephone answering machine messages and literally litter the disc. Very fun and fairly unique.

Worth tracking down and owning.