Beaucoup Fish

Underworld. You know. Even Americans know. Underworld did that Trainspotting song you love so much. They make dance music Oasis fans like.

 At their best Underworld are one of the most innovative bands on the planet. Along with Primal Scream they push the boundaries of what popular music can do. Like the Scream Team they forge ahead raising the level of expectations. Built on Rock and Roll foundations they construct monumental sounds mixing guitar riffs with danceable beats. And they also pull off the most unthinkable faux pas in club culture- they have a singer that doesn't sound like a twat.

 At their worst Underworld are a second rate progressive rock band that makes Pink Floyd actually sound like they had some merit.

 Luckily, Underworld rarely miss a beat when it comes to production. On Beaucoup Fish poet front man Karl Hyde, DJ Darren Emerson and programmer Rick Smith take you on a musical journey that gives substance to a sometimes worryingly one track genre.

 Underworld make techno music with heart and soul. Where the Chemical Brothers make their computers sound drunk, Underworld go for electronic songs that are down and out. Strings so plush and beats so melancholy they will put a tear in your beer. Skym is a sad song sung so sweet.

 And then there are the sounds that swoon back up from despair. The urban funk of Bruce Lee is an actual party record. Push Upstairs is a dance floor filler.

 Beaucuop Fish is a full album from start to finish. A dance aquarium for the masses. Underworld deserves to soar.